Beta Mac versions of Chemcraft

  Here you can download the Beta Mac version of Chemcraft for Mac ARM and Mac Intel:





  Currently we have not obtained a valid Apple certificate for these distributions, and they can be installed only by workarounds. If this problem is critical for you, please contact our support.

  Below is described the proper way of installing these Mac versions. You will need to allow the Chemcraft to run on your computer. At this webpage you can read some information how to run a third-party file:


  At this page you can read information concerning the safety of Mac applications:


  We suggest the following ways of installing the files above:


1) Firstly you need to unpack these dmg files. A dmg file is an image of disk, you should double click on it (it opens as an external drive). (or should not be used in this folder, but should be copied into folder on normal drive, i.e. Downloads/Chemcraft/ (Application folder is yet more suitable). 
  It is extremely likely that MacOS will try to put app into quarantine and provide messages that the file is damaged, cannot be opened and should be moved to Bin. To overcome this you can use one of following approaches:


2a) Terminal:

The terminal icon is presented among the list of icons of applications at the bottom of Mac main window (Dock). If not - it can be called from Launchpad (bottom second from left). Run terminal and navigate to the folder where you copied

$ cd /Users/username/Downloads/Chemcraft/


($ is the default symbol in terminal, you should not type it yourself)

  Then remove app from the quarantine

$ xattr -d

2b) On some MacOs if you are a root user it might be enough to drag the app to Application folder and open it with the right click (Control-click) as root. Also on some systems check up in System settings -> Privacy & Security might be necessary. This solution however might work not on all machines.


3) When you clicked the .dmg file, an icon "Chemcraft_b635m_MacARM" appeared on the main window of the Mac OS (an image of disk). After copying the into e.g. Downloads/Chemcraft folder, you can right-click on this icon and choose "Unmount".



  Possibly you can worry about the safety of these distributions. They were compiled and packed by a third-party programmer. We tested the Chemcraft compiled files with Virustotal site; this is a service which tests an application with most of existing antivirus programs. Here are the screenshots from Virustotal reports which indicate that everything is ok with our files:








  You can order current Mac version of Chemcraft for 220 USD (single academic license). For ordering, you should contact our support.