Animation window

            This window provides the preview of an animation before saving it in a file. The buttons with arrows change the current frame in the animation.


Rem. frame                                        Remembers current molecular structure and the "camera" position for current frame. This button can be used for creating custom animations;

Animate                                             "Plays" the animation;

Add                                                   Adds a frame to the animation (current molecular structure and the camera position is remembered in the added frame);

Delete                                                Deletes current frame;

Save                                                  Opens a dialog window for saving the animation as animated gif file or multiple bitmap or jpeg files.

Help                                                   Shows the help.


            When preparing an animation, attention should be paid to the initial position of the "camera", because it is remembered in the animation shots.

            Note that when saving the animation as an animated gif, the picture color format is reduced to 256 colors.