Interface notes

             The displayed molecule is rotated or translated using the mouse or the buttons on the right-hand panel. One can rotate the molecule by scrolling the mouse with the right mouse button pressed and translate the molecule in the X and Y directions by pressing the right button + Ctrl. The right button + Ctrl + Shift moves the molecule in the Z direction. The point which the molecule rotates around can be specified: menu item "View/Update rotation center" or button  places the rotation point at the coordinate center of selected atoms, or at the center of the whole molecule if no atom is selected.

            Double-clicking on an atom or a bond shows a dialog box from which both the type and the label may be edited. Double-right clicking on an atom or a bond allows visual properties (color, size, etc.) to be edited.

            Pressing Ctrl+Numbers 5...0 remembers the current "camera" position (restored by 5