Obtaining publication-ready pictures


             Chemcraft allows high-quality pictures of molecules to be obtained, which can be used for writing papers. The picture of the current molecule can be saved into file via the "File/Save image" menu item, or it can be copied into the clipboard via "Edit/Copy page" or button  . Molecules can be rendered in different graphical styles. One can alter the color and style of each atom or bond, enable/disable lighting, drawing shadows and other effects changing the properties of current graphical scheme (see Display menu).

            Ctrl+B adds or removes bonds in molecule between two selected atoms. To alter the type of a bond (e.g. to make the bond dotted), double left-click on it.

            The picture of the molecule is saved to a file or copied into the clipboard in better quality than rendered on the main window; pressing Ctrl+Q shows the picture to be saved.

            The molecule's image can be decorated with static objects, such as labels and lines. To add such object to the picture, click on a button on the "Auxiliary designations" toolbar (enabled via the button  at the bottom of the main window), and then pass the mouse cursor on the image with left mouse button pressed. Property labels can also be added by selecting 2, 3 or 4 atoms and pressing the "Show" button at the bottom of the main window: corresponding structural parameter (interatomic distance, angle or dihedral angle) will be rendered on the image. If one saves the picture of current molecule as a metafile (“Edit/Copy page/Copy lines and labels separately”), all static objects will remain accessible for editing using other software (for example, in a Word document).

            The position of labels and lines, the width and height of labels, length and orientation of lines, position and length of arcs can be changed by dragging them using the mouse. Double-click on a label allows the text to be changed, and right-click on a label or a line allows its properties to be changed (e.g. font for label, pen style for line). The "View/Structural parameters/Style" menu item allows one to change the style of all objects representing structural parameters, in particular number of digits after decimal point.

  To render all distances, angles inc current molecule, choose “View/Structural parameters/Show all bond…”. If some atoms in molecule are selected, this menu item shows only the parameters belonging to the selected group of atoms.