Preferences window

            The program's settings can be changed in this window.


                       Common preferences:

  -  Show hint at startup                                   If checked, the first help window will appear when the program starts.

  -  Auto redraw anti-aliased picture                 If checked, a better quality picture of molecule will be automatically drawn when the molecule has not been scrolled for 3 seconds (in current version of the program, this feature is not implemented in the best way).

  -  Any extensions for GAMESS/Gaussian      If checked, Gaussian and Gamess output files can have any extensions; otherwise, they must have the ".out" extension to be loaded via "File/Open" with "Gaussian/GAMESS files" filter. This option is somewhat obsolete.


  -  View orientation                                        Selects the orientation of coordinate axes in startup view (by default it is the one used in GaussView and other visualization tools).


                       Interface preferences:

  -  Key scroll sensitivity                                  Defines the speed of movement, rotation and scaling of a molecule on key scroll.

  -  Mouse scroll sensitivity                              Defines the speed of movement, rotation and scaling of a molecule on mouse scroll.


                       Gaussian preferences:

  - Formchk utility                                            Specifies the pathname of "formchk.exe" program for converting Gaussian Checkpoint files to Formatted Checkpoint (a dialog box for choosing the pathname is automatically shown when opening a Checkpoint file (*.chk) for the first time).


                       Gamess preferences:

- Bond order threshold for visualization            If a value is specified in this textbox, only bonds with order not less than this value will be shown on the image. This option can be useful if too many dotted bonds are rendered (the "Show bond properties" checkbox in the Data Explorer window shows all bonds regardless of this value).