Getting the Chemcraft license for free

We are eager to generate a free registration key for users who report two or more significant bugs in Chemcraft, or write to us useful suggestions.

The most useful information for us are the suggestions how to increase the number of Chemcraft potential users by developing new features of the program. In particular, we are interested in the following subjects:


 - Chemcraft distribution contains "" file with a lot of samples of input files. If you help us improving this archive, add new types of jobs to it, we will provide you a free license.

 - Where the .cif files are used? What programs are used to visualize .cif files, and are their features sufficient? What new features concerning working with cif files can be implemented in Chemcraft? How important in crystallography is the visualization of thermal ellipsoids? 

We are thinking of implementing the "Set space group" feature, similar to "Edit/Set point group", but need more information from crystallographers (in which cases this feature will be needed, what formats of files besides .cif should be supported with this feature, etc).


 - Where the PDB files are used? Are Chemcraft possibilities of visualization of PDB files sufficient? What more can be implemented in Chemcraft for visualization of PDB files and working with them? What other programs can visualize PDB files?


 - Can molecular dynamic computations be visualized in Chemcraft? What programs perform MD computations? How the results of these computations are stored (in output files like QM computations, or in another way)? What programs can visualize MD jobs? What are the imperfections of these programs? How the unit cell in MD computations can be duplicated?  


 - What computational and visualization programs are used in biochemistry? Can Chemcraft be used for visualization of these computations? What are the main purposes of visualization programs in biochemistry? Are the possibilities of these programs sufficient for specialists in biochemistry?


  In general, we need to know more about crystallography, molecular dynamics and biochemistry, so this information will help us find new applications for the Chemcraft program.


 - Please look at our program PorphRMS (written by Grigoriy Andrienko). Can this program be elaborated to become a commercial project?


 - How profitable for us will be porting Chemcraft to Android/IOS, Linux (the latest version of Chemcraft), Mac?


 - In which cases the possibilities of Chemcraft for obtaining publication-ready images are not sufficient? What other programs do you use to get pictures of molecules for publications or presentations?


 - How many users need a vector presentation of pictures obtained in Chemcraft?


 - What other programs do you use in addition to Chemcraft? What of their features can be implemented in Chemcraft?


 - Why currently too small number of people have joined our forum (Facebook group)?


 - How important for chemist is to have the possibility to purchase a program officially, with all supplementary documentation? If we find a new reseller which is suited for working with institutions, will that increase commercial success of Chemcraft?



         Please email to our Support with your suggestions.