Chemcraft Lite

  This is a reduced version of Chemcraft for Windows, fully freeware. To avoid competing of Chemcraft Lite with the commercial version, several limitations have been made in it:

 - Each time the program starts, the user has to enter a randomly generated string to begin using it. Another annoying window appears from time to time while using the program;
 - Only one graphical scheme is present. New schemes can't be added and the scheme can't be modified;

 - Visualization of Gaussian files is reduced (no visualization of molecular orbitals, atomic properties and forces, NBO bonds and cube files, and no text in Abstract);
 - Reduced visualization of GAMESS-US output files (molecular orbitals, energy gradient and dipole moment cannot be visualized);
 - Automatic atoms labeling (by number, type, etc) and possibility to specify the common style of all labels on atoms are disabled;
 - The Z-matrix Builder is disabled;
 - The possibility to set standard bond lengths is disabled;
 - The database of molecular fragments comprises only 4 fragments and can't be supplemented with custom fragments;

 - The possibility to copy/paste molecular fragments is disabled;
 - "Set point group" utility is disabled;
 - Disabled Undo, Redo options;

 - The molecule's image can't be saved in JPEG format and can't be copied into clipboard. The size of saved image can't be altered;
 - Several other restrictions;
 - This version of Chemcraft is somewhat obsolete compared to recent commercial versions (it is based on Chemcraft ver. 1.4 beta, build 239, which was released in May 2005). It doesn't support the newest features: creating animated Gif files, visualization of TDDFT spectra, Lorentzian broadening of spectral lines, RMS comparison of molecular structures, visualization of NBO files, and other features.

Download Chemcraft Lite: - WinZip archive, 1.42 MB.

  To install Chemcraft Lite, simply unpack all files from the archive into appropriate directory. Unlike the fully functional version, it is not registered in "Add/Remove programs" list in Windows.

  If you can purchase the commercial version of Chemcraft, please download it and use at least during trial 150 days, before switching to Chemcraft Lite.