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Latest version of Chemcraft:  

 Version for Windows (64bit):

Chemcraft_b632b_win64.exe     -    Self-installing executable, 21 MB.      -     WinZip archive without installer, 29 MB.    -     Version for 32bit Windows (WinZip archive), 28 MB

Note that the Win32 version of Chemcraft can exhibit some bugs on Windows 8 or Windows 10, unlike the Win64 version. 


 Version for Linux:

Chemcraft_b126_lin64.tar.gz     -     GZip archive, 20 MB (Linux 64 bit).

Chemcraft_b82_lin32.tar.gz     -     GZip archive, 20 MB (Linux 32 bit).


Each of these files contains the fully functional version of Chemcraft with the trial period of 150 days. After that period, you'll need to enter the registration key to continue using the software. To obtain the registration key, you can purchase Chemcraft at Order page.

The Windows version of Chemcraft is protected by a third-party anti-hacker software (The Enigma Protector), and because of that, some antivirus programs can produce false positive detection of viruses with Chemcraft. If such problem occurs, you can try alternative versions of Chemcraft (more info).


Old versions of Chemcraft


Note: it can be a good idea to install several builds of Chemcraft on one computer, becuase sometimes new version can have new bugs. and old versions of Chemcraft (in particular b405) provide a better generation of animated gif files than the latest one. You can unzip an old build into a separate folder (this will not disturb the work of the main version) and run it when you need to obtain animated gifs. When the exe file is installed, it registers Chemcraft in Windows, so for uninstalling you should run unins000.exe file; but if you simply unpack a zip file into a folder, it runs without conflicts with other versions, and for its uninstallation this folder can be simply deleted.


Please do not install Chemcraft into "C:\Program files\Chemcraft" folder, this can cause problems.



Here you can download reduced freeware version of Chemcraft for Windows with several limitations.


You can get the Chemcraft license for free if you help us with the development of the program (more info).

If you work under Mac/Linux and want to use Chemcraft, you should install Wine: here is the installation manual, here is the download link

Wine 5.0 binaries.


Please email to our Support if you experience problems with installation or running of Chemcraft.