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Chemcraft ordering

  Chemcraft is sold through PayPro Global, a Canadian company specializing in distribution of software written by third-party developers. Different payment options are available, including credit/debit card payment, wire transfer (international bank transfer), PayPal, WebMoney, and Purchase Order.

  Read more information on available methods of payment and registration key delivery.

  We offer 8-year subscription of Chemcraft: during these 8 years, you will be able to get free upgrades and user support. After that period, you will have to purchase Chemcraft again if you reinstall your OS.

  You can purchase a license either for Windows or Linux platform. Current price of Chemcraft for Windows is 160.00 USD for academic users (Academic license) and 300.00 USD for others (Commercial license). The price of Chemcraft for Linux is 150 USD for academic users and 280 USD for others.

  To start purchasing Chemcraft, click one of the links below:

8-year subscription of Chemcraft program with free updates:

Academic License (Windows) - 160 USD

Commercial License (Windows) - 300 USD


Academic License (Linux) - 150 USD

Commercial License (Linux) - 280 USD


  Please email to our Support if you have any questions, or if you want to purchase the license for a whole organization (Site license).

  Besides PayPro Global, Chemcraft is sold via company; if you want to purchase Chemcraft with Bluesnap, email to our support.

  Purchasing Chemcraft gives you the following advantages:

1)  Free upgrades. Registered users of Chemcraft can freely obtain the registration keys for newest versions of the software during 8 years after the purchase. The new registration keys can be requested at Update page.

  Note: Chemcraft registration keys can be applied for activation of the trial version within 10 months after their generation, so registered users will need to use this service to activate new copies of Chemcraft after that period (already activated copies can be used for unlimited period of time).

2) User support. We answer questions of registered users and implement their suggestions.


  For some of ex-USSR countries, Chemcraft can be sold via different methods of payment (click here for details).