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Computational chemistry blog:



Chemcraft-related topics:


Why we havenít yet implemented a GUI for creating input files in Chemcraft


The importance of the Gallery page of Chemcraft website




Computational chemistry:


Correlations between computed and experimental properties


Some useful links for people dealing with quantum chemistry 


Dft advices


The basics of high-accuracy ab initio computations (Feller-Peterson-Dixon method)




Less important posts:



The practical use of quantum chemistry (my opinion)


Blogs on quantum chemistry



Our research work:

Structural properties of nematic Schiff bases and prediction of their thermal stability by polarizability anisotropy computed via DFT


Using Quantum Chemistry for Interpreting the IR Spectra of Chemisorbed Gases




  Here you can read another blog of the author of Chemcraft program, not related to chemistry:

  This blog is devoted to politology, philosophy, etc. Sorry for politics on Chemcraft website, but this blog is rather important for us and we ask you to read and comment its posts, in particular the following:

Why people do not change their views

Why democracy is so important

How to improve the democracy

Friendship vs sectarianism

Consumer society and youtube

The market economy and reputation

"Referendum democracy" - how it can work



  Previously this blog contained some articles about Russia and Ukraine, but we had to remove them, because we live in Russia and it is quite dangerous for us to express out political views in the Web. Unfortunately, currently it is too difficult for us to emigrate from Russia.
  Note: we offer free Chemcraft license for writing multiple comments in both these blogs.